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Won’t YOU be my Neighbor?

We began a new sermon series today, complete with Mister Roger’s song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Over the next six weeks we will focus on what being a neighbor means using SoCe Life‘s curriculum “The Good Neighbor Experiment.” Sunday School classes will be delving in more deeply into that experiment, in worship we are focusing on the three key ingredients: Abundance, Relationship and Joy.

We are also kicking off a film series next Friday with our downtown partners: Tallgrass Film Association, Harvester Arts, The Forum Theatre Company, and the above mentioned SoCe Life. These are free events in our Wilke Family Life Center where we can laugh a little, meet new neighbors and have a conversation around what it means to be community and neighbors.

Jesus pointed out on numerous occasions that our faith challenges us to love God first and foremost and our neighbor as ourselves. That has never been easy and in worship we pondered Jesus having to open up his ministry to the outsider and it was a game changer. You can view the worship service in it’s entirety here.

Today was also a celebration for Mead’s Corner which is closing it’s door after 10 years in business and in ministry. Doug Hye, “Mr. Mead’s Corner” created this video remembrance.  It was a bittersweet afternoon. Saying goodbye to a place is always hard and finding the grace to be open to the new possibilities and ministries is tricky at best. I believe that out of the past comes the future, as in the word’s of Paul, “Christ is our peace.” Christ breaks down the walls and barriers that we erect and makes a new people. My hope and prayer is that out of all the hours, the prayers and the opportunities that Mead’s Corner provided, a new day is coming and new ministry will arise. I am grateful for the transformation of the corner of Emporia and Douglas, grateful for it’s ministry in that neighborhood.

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