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On the movies and the gospel

I do not often recommend movies. Not because I don’t like them or enjoy them, but because people’s tastes are different. I love movies, I love the theatre. Recently I have not gone to “the movies” as often. My husband Andrew and I tend to rent them, pop some popcorn and enjoy our movies at home.

The last few weeks at the church, we have explored the movies and the gospel. All the movies were recent, and some already available on DVD. We chose different genres and kinds of movies to appeal to a larger audience. We had a baseball movie, a children’s movie, an action movie, a Christian/comedy movie and a drama that was up for several Academy awards.

I have seen all of them, the last this afternoon. I will be honest, “Christian” movies don’t usually appeal to me, but Mom’s Night Out was just delightful. Funny, true to what life can be like and have a “message” worked in this particular film. The trailer

shows some of the craziness of a Mom’s life and her stress and her need to remember who she is, not who she thinks she should be.

My husband Andrew and I laughed throughout the movie.  As we exited the movie theatre, he said, “how novel to enjoy a movie with no vulgarity, not cuss words, no nudity or unnecessary sex or violence.  AND it still had car chases!”  Andrew enjoys car chases, shoot em ups and frankly gratuitous violence!  The other stuff makes him cry, but don’t tell him I said that!  He was right.  I get violence and sex and language in movies, but it was sort of fun to have a movie that made one laugh and cry without it.

The mom, Allyson, just needed a break.  Any mother or father or grandparent can identify.  More importantly she struggled with how to be who she was called to be.  I think it is pretty true of human beings to look at whether they are ever “enough.”  The definition of enough changes for people.  The striving to do all and be all in our culture is pervasive.

In the Christian tradition grace is the gift to remind each person they are “enough.”  It isn’t anything a person does….it is a gift.  God loves each of us as a beloved son or daughter.  No one has to do anything for that love or grace just accept it.  Each of us is “enough.”  It is hard in this culture of ours to be “enough.”  Everything encourages us to believe that somehow we are deficient.  In God’s grace, we are loved, beloved even.  It is important to be reminded of that.  Now, in God’s grace each of us is able to be more and do more than we ever dreamed possible, but God loves each of us regardless of what do or say.

The unbelievable gift of the gospel is this:  God love us, period.  It is not what we do, or say or know, it is God’s deep grace and love for each of us as unique and unrepeatable persons.  This movie, is a reminder of that grace and that love for each person.

It was a fun movie with a reminder for me that God’s grace is sufficient for all.  I am grateful for grace that is great than I can imagine and love that is eternal and everlasting.  With that, I am thankful and

Graced to serve.

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