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Year of Gratitude, March Week 4

The month of March our gratitude challenge has focused on “home.” When the weather changes, some people get anxious to spring clean, to declutter, to spruce up the outside of the house. Home is also more than the place where we sleep and eat and live. We have homes in many places including churches and clubs and organizations and parks and vacation spots.

One home we, or perhaps only me, don’t talk about very often is how at home are we in our bodies? We physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally inhabit a body and that body is our home while we live on earth. Our Lenten sermon series has been “God on the Move” and as a congregation we are walking to Jerusalem, recording our steps and our miles we are physically moving each week.

My husband and I have “upped” our miles walking and also increased the intensity of our walks. I am personally looking forward to getting back on the bicycle. However, I very aware of how I don’t move the way I used to move. I am slower at some things, less strong and I can feel the increased miles in my body.

I have recently been noticing how my skin has aged and I have aged. I am not ashamed of being 60, but perhaps the truth is I am noticing I do not look as did when I was younger. My skin is different. While they are not huge or dark, I have more age spots on my hands and arms.


IMG_3120Wrinkles continue to make themselves noticable across my face, around my eyes, my mouth, my neck and forehead.


And how is it I can have “blemishes” popping out WITH wrinkles?!? We won’t even mention the gray hair.

So this week, I was wondering how to give thanks for my physical body? This amazing creation of God that while not perfect and certainly is filled with flaws, is the vehicle through which I am enabled to be in ministry. This body takes me out to make hospital calls, to have a cup coffee with a friend, lead worship and preach every week as well as the numerous other ministry tasks.

This body enables me to play, encourages me to walk, to ride my bike and exercise or reminds me by aching that I need to be physcially active.  This same body enjoys laughter, good food and hugs from those I love.

My eyesight while very nearsighted, still sees the beauty around me and my ears hear the wonderful sounds of creation, music in so many places and the sighs and prayers of my heart. I could go on, but even this aging body is a gift that enhances my life and allows me to life a life of gratitude.

How are you grateful for your body which is your home in this world? How do you show your gratitude for this gift of life? This week write a thank you note or two to those who help you appreciate your body. Maybe it is a physical therapist, or a doctor or a dentist. Maybe it is an exercise partner or a personal trainer or someone how who leads class. Maybe it is cook or chef that makes sure you have good food to eat.

This week find ways to give thanks for your home, your body that houses all that you are: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


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