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New Year’s Day

I am not one that is big into new years resolutions.  I am not opposed, just not something I have done that often.  I do ponder the last year, but as for saying “this year I will…”, well it  doesn’t usually happen.

My resolution time comes in the autumn.  When the days grow shorter and the temperature drops and the leaves change colors, that is the time I ponder my life and how I want to live.   The cooler days of fall, the final harvest of vegetables and fruit reminds me that life is short and none of us live for ever.

Supporting Gifted Learners posted this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon on their facebook page.


I love Calvin and Hobbes.  Always so funny and often so deeply profound.  Winging it often seems the best way to embrace the days of our lives.  Trust me, I believe in goals and making choices for a healthy and happier life.  “Staying the course” for me, means choosing to do what is right in my life.  I want to love, to laugh, to ride my bike, to walk, to cook and to enjoy the life I have been given.  Those are not new, they are “sticking to my strengths.”  

I am grateful for a new year, for new possibilities, and new opportunities to live the life I have been given.  On this first day of 2013, I am deeply blessed and as always;

Graced to serve.

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