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Connect: Service

We have only one Sunday to go before we finish up our sermon series, “Connect: Building Our Life Together.” This weekend was packed full. One of our Sunday School Classes, “Pneuma” celebrated their 40th anniversary as a class. Saturday evening was filled with people catching up, pictures, remembrances and lots of laughter. Today many attended worship together.

The color of our building block this week is red. Red is the color of action, strength and the Spirit. The word “pneuma” means spirit and the celebration of the “spirit” Sunday school class is a reminder to all that we are all called by the Spirit, and challenged by the Spirit.

This Sunday was the annual “mission reveal” which mean the mission trips for 2020 were shared. There are plenty to choose from including a women’s only trip to Arkansas during lambing season at Heifer Project, a family trip to Henderson Settlement, and several to work on disaster recovery in Puerto Rico, the East Coast, Houston and Oklahoma.

Today was also PRIDE weekend in Wichita and there were those that went to march in the parade with other United Methodist congregations to show God’s love for all. I am so grateful to serve in a place where we are constantly striving to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in the world.

You can find the whole worship service or just the sermon here.









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Connecting Through Generations

Today as we continued our sermon series, “Connect: Building Our Life Together.” Not only did we celebrate Grandparents Day, we took a special offering for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) for the victims of Hurricane Dorian. This sermon series uses building blocks to represent the different colors and ways we connect to each other and to God.


While I acknowledge Grandparents Day is not a liturgical holiday, we chose to focus on this important relationship and ask grandparents to invite grandchildren and grandchildren to invite grandparents to church. Following the Downtown Alive service, there was lunch of pizza and salad and everyone was invited to come down and to play and to do activities together.

There was a photo booth, board games, cards to write and send to far away grandchildren or grandparents. We gave cards with suggestions on grandparenting and then these yellow cards for grandparents to ask questions of their grandchildren and the green cards that had questions for grandchildren to ask grandparents. Our grandchildren will be sent a set of the green cards so we can talk in different ways.


My associate Rebecca Goltry Mohr did such a good job creating this very meaningful event. In worship, I spoke of the church being intentionally intergenerational. Our community is not made based on genetics or nationality or ethniticity or age or background. We are created into community or family because of God’s grace and love.

I am grateful to be a grandmother, but I am also grateful to be in community with people of all ages. You can find the whole worship service or just the sermon here.

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Connect: Building Our Lives Together

We started a new sermon series yesterday in worship. Over the next six weeks we will be focusing on building our lives together using interlocking building blocks. Each person who came to worship received a small drawstring bag, an orange building block and a card with a prayer that will lead us through the next few weeks.

Next week, each person will received the next color of block until there is six different colored blocks. Each color has a different meaning

Our focus was our “work” both paid and unpaid as it was Labor Day weekend. For over two decades I have had an anointing service on Labor Day Sunday. I feel as if we underestimate how important our work is in the world. Sometimes we embrace our work with enthusiasm and with a sense of adventure and sometimes we do not. Regardless, our work connects us to God, to each other and to the world.

Our lives matter and work whether it is a vocation or a job or volunteer matters and how we share our work with the world says volumes about out faith in God.

You can find both the entire worship service or just the sermon here http://sundaystreams.com/go/firstwichita

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