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Year of Gratitude

Last week, I didn’t get a prompt posted for our year of gratitude. It’s not that I wasn’t grateful or that I didn’t send a thank you note, I just didn’t get the blog written. Some of that had to do with the life of the global United Methodist Church. While I have tried not to be anxious, I have been.

As I write, General Conference has not yet concluded, but the One Church Plan which I supported and many of my colleagues and friends supported was defeated twice. I am heartbroken. Sunday, I preached a sermon about why I was going to continue to be on the side of love and acceptance of all. You can find both the worship service or the sermon by itself here.

Today I was attending a Sunday School lunch which was called  “picnic.” There was napkin that looked like this:


Honestly, I have probably felt more like the cat than the girl! And yet being sad and angry and grieving does not mean I am not thankful. Many of my collegagues and friends from the Great Plains Conference have represented the church I love well. In the four short days, these persons have found themselves at the microphone using the legislative process to do what is right and just. The have diligently worked for good for the greatest amount of people. I am grateful for their passion, their faithfulness and willingness to serve in such a difficult time.

I can not say thank you enough to Amy Lippoldt, Adam Hamiliton, Cheryl Jefferson Bell, David Livingston, Mark Holland, Shayla Jordan (one of the youngest elected to the General Conference), Stephanie Ahlschwede among others. I know I missed some, but still I am deeply grateful for their commitment to living out God’s love for all people. I don’t know what the future holds. For so long, 35 plus years as a clergy in the United Methodist Church I have supported and worked for full inclusion of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters and friends. I don’t intend to stop.

I want to tell those who feel most bruised and broken by what is occuring that you are not alone, there are many allies who will continue to work for justice, for love, for grace, for everyone to be part of the community of faith. We do not lose hope, we cling to faith, we remember that nothing, NOT ONE THING can separate us from the love of God in Christ. I am grateful for the reminder of that promise and that somehow, in someway, we will go forward.

Years ago, a wonderful song was penned that has been sung for several decades: the story and sharing of that song is one that I pray brings hope and promise to those of us who continue to sing for our lives and the lives of the church together you. You will find that story and song here.



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Preach, Pray or Die

There is an old saying among United Methodist clergy that we are to be ready at a moment’s notice to “Preach, Pray or Die.” The last couple of days I have been hanging out with my colleagues at a meeting that the Bishop calls each year. It is a time of continuing education, worship and reconnecting with each other. Mostly, what I enjoy is the hanging out together.

I am in a new annual conference. Just a few short years ago, the Great Plains conference was three distinct annual conferences with two bishops. So, it is a bit of a challenge living into a new relationship with so many clergy that I do not know.

Two of my talented colleagues, Amy Lippoldt and Ben Hanne decided to find a way to get better acquainted with their brothers and sisters of this new conference and share that information with others. They created a podcast called “Preach, Pray or Die”

I was privileged to be one of the people the interviewed. It gave me an opportunity to remember my call and to remember the women who went before me. I share the link to the podcast Preach, Pray or Die It helps me remember why I am graced to serve.

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