Friday after Thanksgiving

For many, today is Black Friday, a day to shop and see how many bargains or deals they can get for Christmas or just for themselves. Its history goes back to President Roosevelt and his setting of the Thanksgiving holiday. President Roosevelt wanted to help merchants sell more products for Christmas and boost the economy.

The truth is, I have never been into Black Friday shopping. When I was younger and my kids were younger, I never had the money to do the Black Friday blitz. I know the whole point of the Black Friday is to save money, but the things that are usually the best deals are always expensive: game systems, televisions, computers. The other things are often what ever is the hottest toys and again, often pricey.

My sister and I would occasionally go out on Friday morning, not early, usually mid-morning and would people watch. We might purchase a roll of wrapping paper or something equally mundane, but the sales had no allure for us.

Now, Black Friday sales started at least two weeks ago if not three weeks ago. The ads have popped up on my computer and my e-mail inbox is full of “deals.” I still do not go out and shop, nor do I do online shopping.

Instead, the day after Thanksgiving, my husband and I take down all the Thanksgiving decorations and begin the process to of decorating for Christmas.


One of the perks of staying home is leftovers! There is nothing better!


Today was no different. We have brought up all the boxes. “We,” by “we” I mean Andrew brought up all the boxes (I am not sure how many, but Andrew counted 45 Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

We have several trees (okay maybe more than 20), plus garlands, and two sets of Christmas dishes.

So, we are preparing for the season of Advent, a time of waiting with hope and faith for the coming of Christ. For me, that means putting away all the fall decorations and beginning to decorate for Christmas. Lights will be everywhere, inside and out, to ward off the shorter days and the longer nights. This process will take several days, but so worth it!

Advent begins Sunday, but I am already preparing. I am ready to begin this new year looking once again for the hope, peace, joy and love promised in Emmanuel, God with us.


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