“It’s a Good Feeling”

Sometimes I just have fun with a sermon series. This is one of those times. Each week I have the privilege of immersing myself in old Mr. Roger’s videos and the scriptures to see what each might say to me. The lectionary texts which I use “loosely” help me to invest myself in what it means to be a neighbor.

The Neighboring Movement is a non profit organization that begin in the SoCe (south central) area of Wichita, Kansas. Full disclosure: I am currently serving on the board of directors. I am doing so because I believe in what this group of people are doing. They are seeing abundance in an area of Wichita many would just write off as not a good place to be. Their understanding of abundance is life changing. Everyone has gifts, everyone. How we learn to recognize and honor and share those gifts is all part of the movement.

Obviously this fits in well with Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. As I have watched old videos, I find myself “missing” Mister Rogers. I miss his simple way of looking out and saying “I like you just the way you are.” Today’s sermon included a video from the neighborhood. If you do not have time to watch the whole service, this video is a delight.

I am grateful to be part of Life. Downtown in Wichita. I am grateful to part of First United Methodist Church. It is always an honor to leader worship in this wonderful place. I invite to worship through this video link.

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