2018, New Year, New Possibilities

Yesterday, in the Wichita Eagle, Suzanne Perez Tobias wrote two articles on a challenge for the New Year. I believe she did the same last year, but memory may fail me. This year’s challenge was to read twelve books each in a different category. I remember last year thinking what a great idea, but this year I think I have decided to take the challenge.

It is easy for me to read a great deal for work, to read a variety of news sources and occasionally some novels. The truth is, I LOVE to read and do not give myself enough permission to read just for fun. Reading for work can be fun, but sometimes I just want to get lost in a book, not to produce a sermon or a study guide or any other writings I may be doing.

I read a great deal in order to produce a sermon every week and to research for the study I produce for the sermon each week. This challenge of Suzanne Perez Tobias is different. This challenge will encourage me to get out of the usual genres that I tend to read. You can read the article in its entirety here.

The twelve categories of books are: A library book, a detective novel or true crime, a book about reading or writing, a book set somewhere you’ve never been, a book recommended/given/loaned to you by a friend, a book with an animal on the the cover, a graphic novel, an essay or short story collection, a book by an author of a different ethnicity than you, a book about a topic in the news, a book published the year you were born and a book written by an author slated to visit Wichita in 2018.

Here is a picture of a  few of the books I am considering:


I am not really a “resolution” kind of person, but I do enjoy a good challenge. This one is right up my alley. They have created a facebook group #ReadICT that I have joined in order to get some good suggestions.

Reading is good for my mind, my soul, and the whole of who I am and called to be. As 2018 begins, I am looking forward to growing in grace and experiencing again what a wonderful world God has created and is creating.




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