Festival of Homiletics, First Night and Day

I am attending the Festival of Homiletics in San Antonio, Texas for the next few days. It began on Monday evening and I have many notes and have instagramed some photos as well as “tweeted” out a few comments. This is my fourth or fifth time of attending. The best of the best “preachers” are highlighted and they lecture and preach usually using the lectionary but not always.

The event is fun, amazing, overwhelming and I always come away re-energized for ministry. It is not possible to hear everyone, so I have to pick and choose who I want to experience each time. Monday night Walter Brueggemann preached and he was powerful. He was followed by Rob Bell who is provocative and creative. 

My take away from Monday:

“Our evangelical metric is not building or numbers or budgets or pensions: IT IS THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The weakness and vulnerability of God as experienced in the cross is filled with transformative power.” 1 Corinthians 1: 10-31. Walter Brueggemann

“The sermon creates a space where people are hungry and thirsty for something they didn’t know they were hungry and thirsty for….in the sermon all kinds of things happen in that space that are way bigger than you and me.”    Rob Bell

My take away from Tuesday

“The context of our proclamation of the Word is that we are in a Post Truth era, we need Wisdom , Biblical wisdom. Fake news is conflictional and confirms our own bias, biblical wisdom is collaborative and acknowledges both human limits and Divine transcendence.”   Alyce McKenzie

“Preaching is always pastoral.” “In the Bible, I am always looking for something that will break my hear.” “I use feminine and masculine images and language for God not so everyone feels comfortable, but so everyone has a chance to feel uncomfortable.” “Violence and evil may have the news cycles but it doesn’t have our hearts….it doesn’t have the ture victory, Christ has the victory.”   Nadia Bolz-Weber

“The theological reason for bring the newspaper/politics into the pulpit is to make the connection between the love and justice of God and the world that needs it.” “Our people are bringing the weight of the world in with them each Sunday morning and when we ignor this we lack integrity.”  Amy Butler

I have MANY more quotes, but those are the ones residing heavily in my heart and spirit. I am excited to see what God will place in my mind and heart and spirit today.  



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6 responses to “Festival of Homiletics, First Night and Day

  1. Thank-you for this from someone who can’t be at the conference!

  2. Ida Powell

    Bless you for sharing these jewels, both hard and brilliant.

  3. Lori Bowman

    “The sermon creates a space where people are hungry and thirsty for something they didn’t know they were hungry and thirsty for….”
    This quote from Rob Bell kinda sums up what I want from a sermon (or even a church for that matter). A want a sermon/church that makes me think, not one that tells me how to think.

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