Monday of Holy Week

For Christians, the most sacred week of the religious year has begun. This week is filled with “drama” but I think more interesting than the drama, is the human experience that is remembered in the midst of the drama. Yesterday on Palm Sunday, the day that begins the final week of Jesus’ life, two Coptic churches in Egypt were hit by terrorist attacks. That was just one more horrific act that hit news cycle from the week before, including children who had died in a chemical attack in Syria, a shooting in a mall in Florida or a truck running over people in Stockholm.

In some ways we as a people have become almost blase to the violence around the world or we tend to minimize the story of Holy Week as somehow not as bad or awful. Holy week was also filled with horrible violence, fear, protests and uncertainty. What started out as a parade and a protest (against Rome) became a heavy handed response where people hid in fear and were arrested and in Jesus case, executed. This week is one of ups and downs, joys and sorrows and is filled with hope, despair and fear. Yesterday, in worship, First UMC attempted to give voice to the whole of that experience. You can watch the worship service 

May this week truly be a holy and sacred week.


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