Seeing with the eyes of Christ

In worship on Sunday, the gospel reading was John 9: 1-41. This LONG reading is the story of a man born blind who is healed by Jesus. Actually, that only takes 7 verses. The rest of the chapter is filled with questions. How could this man be healed, why has he been healed, who healed him and what is the purpose behind it? The blind man was almost invisble from the beginning, the disciples talked about him as if he couldn’t hear, everyone else talked around him and at him. 

Not only had he been born blind, but his blindness made him practically invisible. I have pondered this story and wondered who I overlook? Who is invisible to me or who do I see, but not see. It seems to me Jesus doesn’t overlook anyone, but always sees them and offers new sight and new life.  Sunday’s worship service looks at this gift of sight or lack thereof. The whole service can be found here:


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