My daughter’s letter

My daughter wants to move home to Kansas. I would LOVE that. Having her and her husband and my grand boys closer would make me very happy indeed. They have talked about it on occasion. She recently even looked into a business opportunity. In the end, she has decided she can’t move back, at least not yet. The policies gutting public education and watching as town after town and city after city are struggling with how to cut more from education has convinced her that Kansas doesn’t care about children or about their education. The link to her blog is here:

I am also reprinting it in this space with her permission. I would LOVE to have her closer to home, but I respect her decision to do what is best for her children by staying away. How many more are leaving and/or not coming back because of misguided policies. I love Kansas, but this makes me very sad indeed. Here are her words:

A Letter to Governor Brownback- please stop the insanity

I sent this via email and snail mail to the Kansas Governor office. My pessimism says no one will read it. So I’m sharing it with you. I want someone other than my husband to hear my frustrations and sadness. So here is my letter to Governor Brownback expressing my deep sorrow over the state of education and funding in Kansas

Governor Brownback,

I’m writing you about my deep concern surrounding education and educational funding in your state. Let me introduce myself, my name is Kristin Saner and I am a native Kansasan.  I was born in Kansas, raised in Kansas, went to college in Kansas, got married and gave birth to my three boys in Kansas. Five years ago I moved away to pursue graduate education. Now I long to move home. In fact I was exploring buying a business in Hesston, which is near my family and friends. Sadly your policies and new laws, which continue to cut funding to education, terrify me so badly that I decided that I cannot  move home at this time.

With 3 boys in elementary school, I am looking at what public schools offer for kids. I’m a huge advocate for public school, which provide education and opportunities to not only my kids but all our kids. These kids are our future. I know Kansas teachers are working hard day and night to make the education system the best it can be for the kids they teach. I hear about the daily struggles from friends, about how they are attempting to persevere. The reality is limited funding and resources continue to be huge barriers for both teachers and students.  My heart breaks knowing that friends, who have dedicated their lives to teaching, must face these barriers on a daily basis. But, at the end of the day, I have to look at what’s best for me and my family. While all the teachers and administration staff where I currently live have their own barriers and hurdles to cross, I feel we are making positive strides for the education my kids are getting. I cannot say the same for the schools in Kansas.

Governor Brownback, your policies have made it so that I feel I cannot move home. And I wonder, if I feel this way how many other thirty something adults dismiss our state as a place to makes roots?  How many other born and raised Kansasans  went somewhere else to pursue an education but don’t move back due to your policies? How many people look for a place to raise their own families but dismiss Kansas due to the current state of the education system? How many young families currently living in Kansas are fleeing because they feel their kids would be better off elsewhere? Listen to your people, Governor, for I know that they are working to fix your mistakes. They are trying to provide the best for our kids with what limited resources you have left them. I can only hope and pray that in the coming years things will get better. I pray this for my friend’s sake, for my friends kids, for the families I don’t even know.  Selfishly I pray for my own sake. While I can’t in good conscience move home now, I still long to do so. And I desperately hope, in a few years time, I can feel that it is safe for me to do so.


A Homesick Kansas girl




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  1. James Megrail

    Back when “the Gipper” sold Reaganomics, it was recognized as a way to starve government and thus justify gutting the social safety net. It seems that public schools have been added to the list of stuff that a segment of the ‘conservative’ movement wants to destroy. Those of us who do not approve of these outcomes must make our voices heard. Don’t be intimidated or discouraged by state government officials who want to restrict voting. The basic reason that we still have Governor Brownback and the Secretary of State Kobach is that we did not get out and VOTE. Please vote this November, every vote counts!

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