Tuesday, Oklahoma City Mission Trip

I was awake early this morning, ready for the day to begin. Fixing breakfast, the coffee sure tasted good!


This morning we went back to the house that Hal had taken Andrew and I yesterday. It was a mobile home that needed to have its front porch repaired. 20160314_143226

The first thing was to remove this porch. The materials were there waiting and then Hal and Andrew conferred to decide how to best tackle building the front porch.

Then the frame for the porch begins to go up.

The last thing to do before we were done for the day was to put down  the floor board and put in temporary steps.


And with that we were done for the day. This morning all of us headed over to finish the job. First a little conferring and then the work begins.

Once the hand rails were up, the balusters needed to be cut and installed. Pat learned a new skill, how to use an air nailer.

The stairs needed to be built as well. Brian, Rusty, Dave and Andrew worked on that end of the porch.

The final balusters are placed and the old front porch is moved to the back of the house.

And we are done with this project.


We began another project in the afternoon which we will return to tomorrow. I will share pictures from that project tomorrow evening. What a great day this has been.


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