Monday, Oklahoma City Mission Trip

The day began early. I was up because I wanted to make sure breakfast was ready and we were not rushed before we needed to head out to the mission site. My roommate Pat was up early as well and without meaning too, locked us out of our room! Which meant the guys had to get up so we could move the wall that separated the rooms and unlock the door. Certainly that gets the blood moving!

A big hearty breakfast was cooked.


And enjoyed.


And we prepared for our day. We drove south to meet our project manager Hal Wright. We followed him to the work site. So many twist and turns and curvy county roads led us to the home.

We conferred with Hal as to who would do what:



Picture taken and work began. Two projects: replacing four windows and to replace the skirting around the mobile home. This family has lived in half of the mobile since May, 2015. The four windows had plywood over them and so it was very cold this winter as they waited for the windows to be replaced.


Brian Johnson, Rusty Allensworth, Pat Allensworth  began working on the skirting. Andrew Stover, Dave Glover, Hal and I began on the windows. Figuring out how to get the windows out without damaging the siding was the first priority.


20160314_110754Dave moved over to help with the skirting. Pieces had to be measured and the attached.




And they even let me use power tools!

IMG_7678Once the front window was replaced, three windows were replaced on the back of the house. This pictures shows two of them.


It also shows the skirting all finished.  Here is Rusty putting in the final piece.


At one point, Hal, took Andrew and I to another work site to build a new front porch. I will share those pictures tomorrow. Hal had thought it would take us two days to finish the windows and skirting on this home and it was done in one, plus most of the front porch on the other house. They will be looking for more work for us to do, not that it should be difficult.

Hal shared that they were just wrapping up all the projects from the 2013 tornadoes when these tornados came through in May of 2015. So many homes damaged and families in need. It has been a blessing today to be able to help replace windows and make this home more livable.

We have worked well as team, laughed alot and certainly we all ache!!! Tomorrow, we will start all over again. I will share some pictures taken today on the porch we began. It is a blessing to be able to share love and grace and compassion and to be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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