No Excuse Spring Break Missions

The church I serve has become more focused on mission recently. Beginning in August, a small group of passionate people began to meet to figure out how to get outside of the walls and make a difference in the world. “To be the hands and feet of Jesus” has become the vision statement for the mission team.

A dream was born last fall to have a “no excuse spring break mission week.” The hope was to have an international trip, a regional trip and then one or two projects to participate in the Wichita area. The international trip had to be postponed but the rest of the week has unfolded in marvelous ways.

Beginning tomorrow, West Heights will be the west Wichita site for children to come and receive sack lunches. This way, even though school is not in session, they will not miss out on a meal. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, our children’s ministry area is hosting  a “spring break camp” with games, crafts, science and stories about God. Included of course, is the lunch provided by the Kansas Food Bank.

The regional mission trip left Wichita late this afternoon and headed to Oklahoma City. Working with the Oklahoma United Methodist Conferences Disaster Recovery team, the group will be helping some homeowners with repairs to their homes. The group is six strong.


They are staying at Grace United Methodist Church, which often hosts mission teams who come to help. They provide mattresses, a refrigerator dedicated for mission teams to us, shower facilities and a large kitchen to cook and prepare meals.

New churches provide challenges. Here is a picture of our “men” folk trying to figure out how to use the “light” keys….



FINALLY, with the lights on, we met to go over our agenda for tomorrow…what time we need to be up, when we will eat breakfast, make our lunches and head out to meet our project manager to prepare for our work.


Please keep us in your prayers as we live out our calling to be the “hands and feet of Jesus.”


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