You are the Special

On Facebook, there is an app called “On this Day.” Each day it shows you a variety of stories from your own timeline for each year you have used Facebook. For me, there is a variety of things that come up each day: posts about the church, about bicycling (yes one year ago today it was 64 degrees and we rode our bikes), food pictures, reflections on a variety of topics and this one that my daughter posted last year.

Rev. Cindy Watson– While watching it again with the boys I thought of you. I can hear one of your sermons come out of this.  🙂 “You……..don’t have to be…….the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it’s also true. It’s about all of us. Right now, it’s about you, and you….still…..can change everything.”

The clip goes between the Lego characters and the “real” characters. In baptism I talk about how each child is “unique and unrepeatable.” At every funeral or memorial service I talk about how each person is “unique and unrepeatable.” Each one is the “Special.” Each person is the most “unique, the most interesting and most extraordinary person in the universe.”

I know the argument that if everything is “special” then nothing is special. I have thought about that over the years. I have come conclusion that is not true. Certainly one could say that some people have different gifts, maybe more talented, than others. Not every person will be a Broadway star, or a NFL player, or a superstar. Every person, though, can make a difference. Every person can change the world in one way or another.

Today is a national holiday in the United States. This day is set aside to remember the legacy of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. One blog post can not possibly honor this man’s legacy. He worked for justice, for equality, for peace and certainly for love. What he longed for has not yet come to pass, but that doesn’t mean that the work is over or in vain.

Dr. King once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Or perhaps, our lives begin to end the day we forget we are the “Special” that we have been given the capacity to change the world. Many of us, or perhaps I am the only one that gets caught up in things that don’t matter.

Life can be relentless with tasks to be done that are not that important and because the tasks are not important they push out the things that need to be done. I don’t need to do anything spectacular or amazing, I just need to do the things that are right and good and just.


Martin Luther King Jr - everybody can be great - if they serve

In other words…..You are the Special. I am the Special. All of us can make a difference, we only have to choose to serve, to love to be guided by grace.







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4 responses to “You are the Special

  1. Wonderful post. I also click on the On This Day button on occasion and sometimes it brings me a smile and sometimes it brings me tears. As a widow I see the things that I was doing with my husband just two years ago and I long to have him with me, but I smile as well because of the Love we shared. He would have liked this story as he loved all good stories and he was also the special. Blessings

  2. Nancy Phipps

    This is wonderful! We are special and unique. I can relate to the above post about being a widow. We are special to some people for special reasons that only the two of them can share. But there are many special things in life and we have to realize what and who they are. Thank you for sharing and making me have special memories of the ones I love!

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