Sunday Reflections

A group I belong to of “blogging” clergy women have a daily “prompt.” It is one of the ways we are encouraged to blog each day during November. So far, not one of the prompts have caused me to blog. Today is not different, well, maybe it is close.

Today the prompt was to share a verse from a favorite hymn. That’s like asking me to choose a favorite church over the years, or a favorite child or grandchild or a favorite parishioner or friend.

Music is the window into my soul. I was raised listening to music all the time. Depending on my mood and the season, my favorite hymns change. I might never be able to help plan my own funeral service, folks would be there HOURS with all the music that would “soundtrack” my life.

My youtube has some interesting music. Some of it traditional church music, some more contemporary church music. There is pop songs, songs from musical and movies and few movie clips.

The church I am privileged to serve, says or sings the Lord’s Prayer almost every Sunday. There maybe two or three a year that we do not share that prayer together. When I arrived almost nine and a half years ago, they rotated saying the tradition United Methodist version with singing a version from the Rejoice Mass. Occasionally they would sing a call and response version from the hymnal supplement The Faith We Sing.  We added a version about three years ago that sounds quite ancient, but is a modern version that sounds like a chant. Currently we have added a very new version by Mark Miller that is in the hymnal supplement Worship and Song. I love all the sung versions, again, music speaks to my soul.

At night, though, when I am alone, I listen to a version that is like nothing I had heard before. It is sung in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. It is hauntingly beautiful.  “Abwoon D’Bashmaya” is worth listening to more than once. This Lord’s Prayer calms my spirit, speaks to my heart and mind and helps me rest in the love and grace of God. Abwoon D’Bashmaya reminds me that the prayer Jesus taught me calls me out of myself and into community, because the word “I” is never used, only “our” and “we”.

This picture may say it all:


It’s how I feel when listening to this Lord’s prayer. On this Sunday, I reflect on this lovely prayer for me, for Christians throughout the ages. Blessings.



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4 responses to “Sunday Reflections

  1. Jim Megrail

    The photograph with the child touching the painting of the Christ does, indeed, say it all. A picture that is truly priceless.

  2. May I ask you, where have you found the picture below (with the words ina Aramaic)? Because I am searching for the whole Prayer. Thanx a lot, Veit

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