Pastor Privileges

Today, I had the privilege of performing a wedding. One of the joys of being a pastor includes celebrating life’s magical and mysterious and marvelous moments: weddings, baptisms, confirmations. There are also those times that are sadder: funerals, the diagnosis of cancer, broken hearts and lives.

Today, I had one of those privileges. I presided at a wedding of a wonderful couple. They are so in love. They contacted me last year and we began the process of the premarital counseling. They live in Indianapolis, so it took some doing and some commitment on their part. The groom, I had known in another appointment. I had confirmed him years ago. The church, First Lutheran Church of Manhattan, Kansas invited me to preside and it was set for this weekend.

A whirlwind of activities surround a wedding. Rehearsal and dinner are the night before. Pictures, makeup, nails and getting all dressed up for the occasion.


This picture shows the delight in the wedding party and the couple. The church was beautiful, the wedding party glowed and the groom and the bride were stunning in their finery and in their love for one another. My “job” was to help them express their commitment to one another and to celebrate the beginning of their new life together.

The ceremony was filled with beauty with lots of laughter, not the least of which had to do with this pastor’s faux pas, (calling the groom by his father’s name!) It was a moment that will not soon be forgotten. There were tears of joy and of awe, smiles that defy description. It truly was a holy and sacred moment.

Then, comes the party of course. I took a selfie and a fuzzy picture to remember.


This adorable couple was surrounded by people who loved them: family and friends and so many who have watched them grow and become the amazing adults they are today. I think they are awesome. It was truly a privilege to be invited in this moment of their lives.

Being a pastor is many things. Some are pretty mundane, meetings, paperwork, administrative tasks that seem to never end. The best part of being a pastor is those times when I am invited into the most intimate moments of people’s lives. Today was one of those moments. I am grateful to Casey and Sarah for inviting me to be part of this celebration. #DwyTheKnot


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