Awesome Autumn

I love the fall. The cool nights and the days that are sometimes hot, hot, hot  or cool and blustery. The colors of the purple, orange, yellow and crimson mums. The leaves that transition from green to yellow to vibrant red. The last of the harvest: sweet potatoes, onions, lettuce and the sweetest tomatoes.

This morning on my walk, the day was gray, the wind cool and the leaves were gathering and swirling on the ground. As I walked through the leaves they crunched under my feet. I love that sound and need to find time to jump in a big pile of leaves. Autumn leaves are absolutely gorgeous!


The beauty of autumn also comes with an ache. The days are shorter, and all the sudden night descends earlier and the mornings can be cool enough to require jackets and gloves. That ache can haunt me with the reminder that life is a gift, but it is not a gift that lasts forever. My time, your time is limited. Sometimes people have decades, and sometimes just a moment. Each minute is precious even when we take those minutes for granted.

Carrie Newcomer shared a song a little over a year ago called “Every Little Bit of it.” A line teases itself into my mind again and again, “In the silence, in the sighs, the curious promise of limited time.” That limited time is a gift even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Her song reminds me of the preciousness of life and how important it is to jump into piles of leaves and laugh and delight in those moments that pass too quickly.

In this month of November, I am grateful for so many things. The color of leaves, the crunch underneath my feet and each breath I take. Life is good, and I am blessed every moment of the day.


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