Father’s Day revisited

I reblog this in honor and memory of my grandfather, my stepfather and all those fathers who share who they are with others.


Six  years ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of fathers.  I reblogged it three years ago, because it explains my deepest beliefs about fathers and their children.  I continue to be grateful to all those men who fathered and mentored me. I share it again in honor and memory of my grandfather “Big Bob”


and my stepfather “Pep”


Fathers and those who Mentor  (reprint from June, 2009)

Father’s Day has never been an easy day for me. I have very few memories of my father. In fact, I am hard pressed to remember anything other than absence. Oh, I have some vague shadowy sorts of memories, but I don’t even remember what he looks like unless I look for a picture, of which there are very few.

My mother and father were divorced in the mid-sixties. Long before single parent households were normative. My grandparents drove to…

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