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Tax Day and Tuesday of Holy Week

I posted this last year and while it isn’t Holy week, I stand by my words. I sent my estimated taxes in today and am grateful to part of something bigger.


Earlier today I did something old fashioned, I wrote a “check” for my estimated taxes for both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and for the Kansas Revenue Service.  It happens four times a year.  Earlier, I sent money to pay for the taxes I still owed to the federal government and to the state.  Usually I am pretty good at estimating and in the last few years received a refund.  As many know, the tax schedule changed for 2013 and more taxes were owed and my husband and I owed more than we had anticipated.

If you are hoping to read a negative post about how awful taxes are and how much we give to the government, you might as well stop reading now.  Every tax check I write or send I say a prayer of thanks that I can be part of something bigger than myself.  I am grateful…

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