Wiggle and Jiggle

As a United Methodist preacher, this blog of my brother’s had me in stitches! I hope it brings a smile to your face and gives you joy as well!

The Kansas Expatriate

It all seems innocent enough.  Some nameless investment company, called “3G”, buys a couple of things that are pretty American and we discount it as just business.  Plus, its not like “3G” stands for “Godless, Goofy, and Geriatric.”  The Koch brothers have the corner on that slogan.  So I didn’t worry too much about this three gee buying Burger King or even Heinz.  I realize, of course, that ketchup is pretty near and dear to all of our hearts but it isn’t really American.  It has roots in Chinese duck sauce.  3G is headed by a Brazilian Bazillionaire but who cares.  Warren Buffett is part of the deal and he’s from Nebraska.


However, it might be time to get worried.  First, this 3G snapped up Tim Horton’s, or as I like to call it, the Coffee of the Almighty, and moved Burger King’s headquarters to Canada.  It was a…

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2 responses to “Wiggle and Jiggle

  1. Nancy Phipps

    Well said! And many more than a thousand tongues! 🙂

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