Super Bowl Commercials: My top 5

I am not a big football fan. My husbands loves the Broncos, me, I think the uniforms are okay and colorful. I watch college and professional football because my husband does. Usually I am readying or embroidering or hanging out on social media.

This brings us to yesterday’s BIG game. It is amazing to me how an entire day can be devoted to one game. I was unsure as to why the coverage for the Super Bowl had to start at 10:00 in the morning when kick-off was at 5:00 in the afternoon, but that’s just me. Like millions of others, I do watch every year. I watch some of the game (although I take breaks during the football game in order not to miss the commercials) and I watch the half time. Just for the record, I loved Katy Perry’s halftime show. I know many folks, as in every year, hated it, but I thought it was over the top silly and fun.

Which brings me to my top five commercials. This year’s commercials were in many ways pretty serious. The commercials seemed more like PSA (public service announcements) than hawking for products. Some seemed odd and confusing to me, like the Nissan ad with Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” as it’s soundtrack as you see an absentee race car dad, and while I loved the sentiment behind Dove’s Men + Care ad, I was sure how it related to shower products.

super bowl

I could talk about more ads, but want to list my top five.

Number five is Weight Watchers “All You Can Eat.” Given that the average American will consume more than 6000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday, which is more than Thanksgiving according to Medical Daily. A bold move on the part of Weight Watchers to put “truth” in advertising using all the phrases that people who are working lose weight often hear “I cooked it up just for you.” “It’s a social thing.” “Just have a taste.” “It’s a special occasion.”

Number four is the Budweiser puppy commercial, because no countdown can be complete without it. This year it was “leaked” about four days early. But what isn’t to love about Clydesdales and puppies?

Number three is the Dodge Wisdom commercial. I like “old” things. I have an old car, an old house, but the words of wisdom from these centenarians was a great way for Dodge to mark their 100th anniversary.

Number two is Microsoft What Can You Do. “eeThe question that needs to be asked and answered is What can we do that is unique and impactful?”

Number one was a no brainer for me was Coca Cola Make it Happy Like many of the commercials, this one is one of hope and possibility. I don’t really think that spilling Coke on the server wires for the internet will change words of hate to words of love, but the words of the song are a challenge on how to live: “Don’t let me show cruelty, though I make mistakes. Don’t let me show ugliness, though I know I can hate…..Let me show love.”

Yes I chose the commercials that were poignant, sweet and challenging to the world. There were some funny ones, like the Snickers ad featuring the Brady Bunch it was classic TV at it’s best. It didn’t make my top list because Snickers has been using this format for a while, but I did love it.

My bonus commercial was not a new one, but aired Sunday anyway. It was Proctor and Gambles Like A Girl The message was spot on and I certainly appreciate anything that helps young women have a better self image.

I could base a whole sermon series from these commercials: Take Control Back and encourage self discipline, Friends through thick and thin, Wisdom of the ages, What are we called to do? and showing love. In some ways I don’t think the commercials were are as funny as some years, but they certainly were poignant and touching. I certainly found myself challenged by the commercials in ways I have not been before.

So, I think I will show a little, offer a little encouragement and in the words of the Reebok Commercial: be more human as I continue to be graced to serve.


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