Preach, Pray or Die

There is an old saying among United Methodist clergy that we are to be ready at a moment’s notice to “Preach, Pray or Die.” The last couple of days I have been hanging out with my colleagues at a meeting that the Bishop calls each year. It is a time of continuing education, worship and reconnecting with each other. Mostly, what I enjoy is the hanging out together.

I am in a new annual conference. Just a few short years ago, the Great Plains conference was three distinct annual conferences with two bishops. So, it is a bit of a challenge living into a new relationship with so many clergy that I do not know.

Two of my talented colleagues, Amy Lippoldt and Ben Hanne decided to find a way to get better acquainted with their brothers and sisters of this new conference and share that information with others. They created a podcast called “Preach, Pray or Die”

I was privileged to be one of the people the interviewed. It gave me an opportunity to remember my call and to remember the women who went before me. I share the link to the podcast Preach, Pray or Die It helps me remember why I am graced to serve.


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