Saturday six

In RevGalBlogPals each Friday there is a challenge to write on the “Friday Five.” Yesterday, I missed the post because I was taking down Thanksgiving decorations and began putting up Christmas decorations. I also re-posted a blog of my brothers from The Kansas Expatriate

So instead of a “Friday Five” I thought I would post a “Saturday Six.” This post will serve as a transition from Thanksgiving to Advent. I love the Thanksgiving season and I love the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany cycle and season as well. Here are my six things I give thanks for today as I move into the Christian New Year.

1. I am grateful for a husband who loves cheesy Christmas decorations as much as I do. He helps me decorate for all the seasons, but we go crazy at Christmas time with vintage outdoor Santas, snow men, candles and a Grinch who steals the light from our home each year.


2. I am grateful to have a home that lends itself to multiple Christmas trees and the joy I have in decorating them.



3. I am grateful for a beautiful day, where it was 70 degrees and I ate supper on the back porch. Tomorrow the temperature dips again and goes down for the rest of the week. Kansas in all its glory has very interesting weather!

4. I am grateful for the New Year that Advent brings. Once again, as Christians we come to a time where we hope for the coming of that time where there is justice, peace and joy.

5. In the midst of the darkness season of the year, and dark times as a nation and as a world, I look for the light that is promised in Emmanuel, God-with-us.

6. In the midst of violence, anger and pain, I pray for peace and look for the time when the Prince of Peace will reign forever and ever. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

With those Saturday six, I am graced to serve.


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