Black Friday

My brother’s post today is on grief. The Thanksgiving season begins a frenzy of holiday parties, family gatherings and for many, a reminder of their loss either through death, divorce, a move, a broken relationship. I am blessed to share his words with those who may need them on this day.

The Kansas Expatriate

I actually have much to be thankful for.  I am safe, in demonstratively good health, I have a place to live, a small amount of financial security, and a new career that, although is still in its infancy, is actually starting to look promising.  In addition I just spent Thanksgiving with my niece, her husband, three over energetic boys, and her in laws.  In a word, all was perfect.

Yet, on the drive home, just two hours in the blustering snow and late at night pitch black, the barbarians I have so carefully bribed began to knock at the gate.  These demons, and their inky black shadows, licked at the edge of my thoughts, not yet invasive but definitely persistent.  Unlike in times of the past year I wasn’t even surprised by their presence. I know I have another year or so of this in front of me.

This morning…

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