I think it is amazing how many people spend time sharing their thoughts through blogs. In the “old” days people did newspaper articles, if they were lucky enough to be published. In the twenty first century, it is privilege to be able to put thoughts into the internet and connect with others.

In today’s blog, I want to share some of my favorite bloggers. They are all over the map and some are very well read and some not so much. These are the blogs I come back to because they make me laugh, make me think and challenge my creativity.

I love Ali Ebrights recipes and reflections:
Gimme Some Oven

A shameless plug for my brother’s blog: he makes me laugh
The Kansas Expatriate

I have followed Brandy for a long time. Back in the day when I was a “poor” parson:
The Prudent Homemaker

I ran across Peacebangs writings about 8 years ago she makes me evaluate how I dress:
Beauty Tips for Ministers

Tikiman is a neighbor who has published a couple of novels for my writing push:
The Tikiman says

Rachel Held Evans ALWAYS inspires me and challenges me spiritually:
Rachel Held Evans

While I have many more, I have a SHOUT OUT to the group that got me blogging each day

I am grateful for these writers, their lives and my opportunity to glimpse in, to laugh, to learn and to remember I am graced to serve.


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