A Day in the Life….Part 2: Snowy Sunday

Today was one of the wonderful blessing filled days I am given as a pastor. It started out with a little snow on the ground. The snow was lovely but did not stop us from having worship today. And a wonderful worship service it was! This preacher was not in charge, but the youth group was. They had planned, prepared and shared a service around the idea of church as family.


The service was filled with scripture, with music, with reflections on the scriptures. One highlight was the presentation of the CROP quilt.


The youth challenged the congregation to join with them to raise money for alleviating hunger in Wichita and around the world. While the link isn’t updated, West Heights Youth led the church to be the number one fund raising group. Around fifty people walked raising more than $2600 with all the groups raising over $20,000.
The CROP Walk

This Quilt will be displayed until the next year! What a great presentation in the middle of a wonderful worship service. The youth led the music and shared the children’s time.


And of course….the offering must be taken!

Using the story of Moses, we were invited to remember that we are beloved children of God. We are able to give and participate in CROP walks, mission week and trips and give to United Methodist Open Door because of who God is and because of God’s love. The music and the Word given was powerful and I was touched deeply by this worship service. On a snowy Sunday, called to live as God’s beloved child by this wonderful group, I am graced to serve.


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