Seasonal Decorating

If you looked in the stores you would think it was time to have all of the Christmas decorations up! It is “the most wonderful time of the year” after all. Actually in some stores, Christmas was creeping into the aisles BEFORE Halloween was over and had taken over on November 1. My brother who blogs at The Kansas Expatriate wrote profoundly on the War on Thanksgiving.

On November 1 I wrote about how the music changed that day to Christmas music in the stores. One radio station is playing non-stop Christmas music already. I LOVE Christmas music, but I LOVE Thanksgiving more. I don’t want to jump from jack o-lanterns and ghosts and spooky decorations to red and green Christmas decorations. I want to enjoy the autumn colors a little longer. I don’t want Santas up while I am enjoying Thanksgiving turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes. I want to be surrounded with oranges, bronzes and reds and golds and crimson. I want those hues that speak of incredible sunsets to fill my home with their warmth.

So I decorate for Thanksgiving. There are fall leaves, pumpkins, pinecones and all kinds of things that literally glow with the colors of autumn. I have “trees” up all year round that are decorated seasonally. After Halloween, they become Thanksgiving trees BEFORE they become Christmas trees. My kitchen is filled with garlands of fall leaves and with pumpkins. The trees look like this:




This decorating keeps me grounded in this season. Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. I understand why some cultures make it their “new year.” It is autumn that makes me more reflective. I long to think on the past and make choices about the future. The flaming leaves of the trees challenge me to live in such a way that I, too, might glow with inner fire as I enter the “autumn” of life. The autumn reminds me that nothing, not one thing lasts forever. Life is a gift, but it is finite and choices matter.

So I decorate for the fall. I will enjoy the colors of the season until it is time to decorate for the darkness season of the year. Then the house will be filled with light and hope. As I live through these lingering days of autumn, I am graced to serve.


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