A day in the life….

Most days, being a pastor/minister is wonderful. Every day is often different with many different tasks and people to minister to. Some days are pretty mundane, with tasks that must done in order for the ministry of the church to continue. Other days come with surprises, some good, some difficult, some tragic.

And Sunday comes around every week! I heard one key note speaker say, “Sunday comes around every DAMN week!” For preacher types, it feels often like it comes around every couple of days. Planning worship is humbling, challenging, exciting and often frightening! Each week, the “preacher” is charged with creating a sermon that will be insightful, meaningful, comforting, challenging and most of all give voice to “the Word.” Sometimes the task is easier than others.

Today, at West Heights United Methodist Church the worship service was not created by the pastor or the worship team, but by a group of confirmation students. Their grade levels were seventh grade through tenth grade. They have spent the last 10 weeks studying the bible, church history, the sacraments, visiting with other worship communities and writing a “credo” which means “I Believe.”

We started out with eight, seven of which had not been baptized. Last Sunday afternoon, four of our youth chose to be baptized by immersion. In the United Methodist Church, like many mainline churches, babies are often baptized. Only one of our confirmands had been baptized as a baby. So we went to a church that had a baptistry. What a joy to baptize these four young people.


Today, we baptized three more this morning in worship. Then at the second service, we had seven young people profess their faith and become full members.


They chose the songs/hymns, wrote the prayers and crafted statements of faith that they shared with us today. It is one of those services that makes a preacher proud. It wasn’t what I was doing, but what they were doing as they lead worship, shared their individual faith statements, affirmed their baptism and professed their faith that made worship so sacred and holy. Each year, I am in awe of these young people and I look forward to seeing them grow and deepen in their faith.

On this day in the life of being a pastor, I am blessed, humbled, in awe of the faith of Jimmy, Robin, Kayden, Maddie, Jessica, Connor and Lyndsey, and I am so graced to serve.


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