Food, Glorious Food

I love food. I love shopping for it, planting seeds and harvesting the results. I love cooking food and eating it.
As the autumn evolves into the winter, the garden is just about done. I planted some late summer seeds in order to have some vegetables in the late autumn. The radishes have been harvested, but I still have some lettuce.

Some very cold weather is coming later this week, so the lettuce will be cut and left in the raised bed to see if it will come back again. If not, I have two planter boxes on the front porch with seedlings coming along nicely.

I have also planted garlic.

You plant it in the early fall, and mid summer there will be many bulbs to harvest to use for the rest of the year. Planting, harvesting and cooking my own food is such a joy to me. Not only my own fruits and vegetables, but I love searching out the best at the farmer’s markets and getting to know all those who enjoy food as much as I do.

Tonight I cooked dinner. The salad was made from tomatoes, radishes and lettuce from the garden. The roasted vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, red peppers from the the garden and brussel sprouts and onions from the market.


Dinner was served with little prep, but glorious color and freshness.


I was raised that food should look pretty on the plate, but not fussed over really. The table was important, for conversation, for relationship building and yes for eating and feeding others. But the deep enjoyment that I have for food was somewhat suspect.

I realize that part of my enjoyment of cooking and of food is that when I cook and when it tastes good, people smile. People enjoy themselves. I am in a profession where sometimes it is hard to figure out whether or not I am making a difference. In cooking, it is immediately obvious.

Food feeds creativity. The colors, the tastes, the smells, the ability to find ways to combine ingredients and create wonderful dishes is a way of being in touch with life itself. Everyone has to eat. Food is a way of bringing people together.

Every time, every place, every culture has its own food experience. While one can pick up food anywhere, food that is well prepared and surrounded with love has it’s own place in life.

I love food. I love preparing it, harvesting it, selecting it and cooking it and serving meals to people I love. It puts me in touch with what is real, what is good and what matters: family, friends, food and a table surrounded with love.



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2 responses to “Food, Glorious Food


    Food preparation is a creative art, involving all the senses. Consider this your art medium of choice!Ida

  2. Dana Kline

    Lovely, lovely post. Thank you, Cindy.

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