Real Estate

My brother’s profound words on the closing of my mother’s estate.

The Kansas Expatriate

Last week my siblings and I closed on my mother’s estate.  It was long in coming, filled with what seemed like reams of paper that needed to be stamped, notarized, mailed, faxed, PDF copied in email, and ultimately filed in a court in Sedgwick County Kansas.  Now that it is done I find myself shockingly sad.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so tilted by the end of this process.  Her death is hardly new and I had full knowledge of the outcome of probate.  Everything worked out pretty much the way we expected.  There were no fights, no last minute surprise bills or policies, no hidden agendas.  Nothing except a large, heavy, and profound ending as if the curtain closed on a favorite production for the last time.

In a small way this is why I find it so hard to shop at estate sales. …

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