Day Two: Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

The day started out gray, chilly and drizzling rain. Over breakfast, David Lewis lead our devotions on why we are really here: to help others. We discussed our impressions of day one. Lots of work was done and it was a challenge to check our own motivations and behavior. Here we are dressed in our Do Something t-shirts:


We discussed the projects and divided them up for the day. One group went out in the rain with chain saws to work on brush and trees. Before lunch they had one flat bed trailer loaded up and ready to go to the dump.

IMAG1315 IMAG1322

Another group went back to the home with the wheel chair ramp and finished it up. It took them all morning and half the afternoon. IMAG1317 IMAG1321IMAG1320

IMG_4263 (1)

The ramp was completed by mid-afternoon. The other group painted at the house where the wheelchair ramp was being built in the morning.



The afternoon was also filled with painting another home. Internet connection is very slow. Will post more pictures of the painting and the final days work either tomorrow evening or Saturday. It has been a blessing to work with the Great Plains Disaster site workers Dorothy and Mike Aspegren and the wonderful people from West Heights UMC. I am and we are all graced to serve.


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