Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it is off to Beaver Crossing we go!

Today, myself and eight volunteers from West Heights United Methodist Church head north to Beaver Crossing Nebraska.  http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/Tornado-Obliterates-Beaver-Crossing-NE–258986311.html This little community was hit hard by a tornado mid May. Many came to help in the few days afterward, but then, other communities were hit and Beaver Crossing ended up being forgotten.

Part of my joy in being a member of the United Methodist Church is the long tradition of working and staying in disaster areas once everyone else has gone home. West Heights was looking for new ways to be in mission and ministry, to “Change Lives by Connecting Heart to Jesus Christ.” For me, the question becomes how is my heart connected again and again? Hands on ministry is one way to remember the grace and love I have received.

Thanks to David Lewis and his organizational gifts, this short trip was planned and is being implemented. My prayer and that of many others is that this is the first of many such trips to assist in disasters and in helping others. Please pray for us. I will be updating this blog as cell and internet service allows.

I am truly graced to serve.

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