Holy Thursday

On this night begins what is called in some circles the “Triduum.”  Basically the word means “three days,” and this particular three days begins the evening of Maundy or Holy Thursday.  Another churchy word, “maundy” comes from a latin word meaning commandment.  According to the Gospel of John, on this night Jesus washes his disciples feet like a servant and commands them to “love one another.”  

In all traditions, this is the night that Jesus gave us the “last supper” the “sacrament of Holy Communion” or the “eucharist.”  This last meal that Jesus ate with his disciples, he ended it with new meaning given the bread and cup.  His followers are called to “remember him” when they eat of the bread and drink of the cup.

These three days cover Thursday evening, usually Christians gather to remember that last supper, continues into Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus’ arrest, trial, torture, crucifixion and burial.  Then Holy Saturday is a day of waiting as Jesus laid in tomb.  The final day is Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and new life and hope.

Today, I leave you with a holy communion song, a bit dated, but a reminder that Crhisti


I am graced to serve.


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