I truly understand this blog by my brother. I had lived in parsonages most of my adult life. My husband and I bought a house in Lyons, Kansas, gutted it to the studs. It was a mess, but Andrew a vision for the house and it ended up being wonderful. It had a covered “veranda” that we sat and talked for hours. We painted and fussed and made that place and space our home. When I was appointed to Wichita, it was with deep regret, that I left that house. Last year, we sold it to a young man who had been in one of my confirmation classes. I hope he loves that house as much as we did and will fill it with memories.
This blog expresses some of my feelings about that house and the memories there.

The Kansas Expatriate

There is a major landmark that most of you probably don’t know about.  It isn’t officially on any map other than an address and it doesn’t have any plaques or historical markers.  There are no exits off the interstate for it and if you were to look up important places to visit it will definitely not be listed.  For me however, it is a landmark none the less.  I still navigate by it, notice it when I drive by and am flooded with feeling every time I think about it. It is located on Sherwood Ave in Toledo Ohio and it is the longest return address I have ever had.  Most likely, given my age and circumstance, it will hold onto that record forever.

For the last sixteen years I have lived in a brick and stucco Tudor style house on a double lot in what Toledo residents call the…

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