How things change in just a few days!  A week ago I went on a short vacation, NORTH.  It was chilly/cold, spitted snow and other than loving being with my grandchildren (and their parents of course) the weather was not to my liking.  I have been past ready for spring.  So Sunday, I took this picture wondering if it was close enough to spring flowers.



The answer was YES!  One response (from the north) said, “as long as it isn’t covered with snow!”  Of course there are some who might hyperventilate as it is a “weed.”  However, dandelions leaves can be used for salads and sauteed as greens and the yellow flower can be steeped for jelly and wine.  I guess a “weed” is in the eye of the beholder.

Not two days later….these appeared in my front yard.


MORE yellow flowers.  These daffodils paired with some other bunches made me smile.  The weather is warmer, the flowers are beginning to pop.  In the back yard, as always I had missed this:


The trees were budding out green.  Each year I swear I am not going to miss it and every year I do.  Somehow, in the gray and cold, spring really does begin it outpouring of new life and new hope.  Last night, thunder and rain instead of snow and sleet was a welcome reminder that the days are growing warmer and longer and soon there will be all kinds of flowers and vegetables and fruits.

 Easter is “late” this year.  Last year, it snowed on Palm Sunday and Easter fell the end of March.  It was still cold and gray and it was hard to get my head around the newness of life and resurrection.

When Easter falls later in April, it is easier to believe that Life is stronger than death.  It is easier to believe that the Light always overcomes the darkness, that out of the cold and gray of winter, new life will emerge.

In a hymn, from the United Methodist hymnal, Natalie Sleeth writes:, “In the cold and snow of winter, there’s a spring that waits to be, unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.”  In these final two weeks of Lent, I am living into a spring that waits to be and a resurrection that holds promise for life and hope and faith.  

As always, I am graced to serve.


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