Thanks to my little brother for this shout out of WSU!

The Kansas Expatriate

Being from Wichita Kansas I am, understandably, quite excited about the WSU Shockers.  They are undefeated, which only seven other teams have managed to do in NCAA history.  All of those teams entered the tournament before it fully expanded, however.  This isn’t a fluke, as the Shockers did really well last year.  And finally, they have a really cool logo:


Currently living in Toledo Ohio let me just say to the Big 10, and I mean this as respectfully and delicately as possible:  GET OVER YOURSELVES.

Now Big 10 enthusiasts, take a couple of breaths and try to let the little dogs have their ever so brief moment in the sun.  I know it is hard giving up the spotlight and the best you could muster up was an anemic 7th in the polls but honestly, they do actually have athletics in other areas of the country.

I know…

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  1. Nancy

    Can we repost this to facebook via the link?

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