Reflecting and Pondering

I just finished watching a music video. It was a link shared on Facebook and was an unexpected gift of grace today. I have been away from the “office” this week, pondering, praying, reading and preparing a Lenten sermon series on forgiveness, called “The Forgiveness Factor.” Even as an extrovert, I need quiet reflective time, something that has been lacking in my life recently. Life is sometimes like that.

I have watched numerous videos on forgiveness, read seven or eight books, pondered scripture and prayed almost “without ceasing.” I have also, exercised, watched some Wichita State basketball, and cooked several nights as those are others ways I center and reflect.

Back to today’s video. This is a brand new song written by Carrie Newcomer. If are not familiar with her music, she writes amazing story/songs in a folk style. She hails from Indiana and this song she wrote for Parker J. Palmer’s 75th birthday. Two people I appreciate enormously are combined in this music video. Parker Palmer’s writings have changed my life in many ways. His book, The Active Life, came at a time I needed to understand my own spirituality. His explanation of the temptations of Jesus are still my favorite. So, I share this video, because while it may be about Parker Palmer, the last verse speaks true to my life this week and almost always.

“So here’s to living what we learn with years and here’s to love so tender and all it took to bring us here. And here’s to dancing in the kitchen here’s to hearing into speech, here’s to every single day so fine so full and oh so brief….”

Thank you Carrie Newcomer, today I am looking with my shy soul and experiencing life and love. I truly am graced to serve.


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