My mother’s memorial service was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My siblings, the grandchildren and great grandchildren and other family and friends gathered to remember. This was my younger brother’s eulogy. Two of her grandchildren also provided a eulogy. The service was a wonderful celebration of her life.

The Kansas Expatriate

In memorian: Letah Jo Pepper Wilcox

When I was very young our mother, for a variety of good reasons, left her husband of 22 years, put her 4 children in a station wagon driven by our grandfather, left the Twin Cities of Minnisota and moved to the western edge of Wichita Kansas.  That year was 1967.

A lot of things were happening in 1967.  President Johnson still had a political career, Frank Sinatra swept the grammys, the Apollo moon landing, after a terrible accident, now looked like a pipe dream, and the Kansas City Chiefs were actually in a Super Bowl.

What wasn’t happening was single parenting, something that we see as commonplace today.  In many ways our mother was on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing in the world.  She learned to drive when she was almost 40, something most women of her age would never do.  She…

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