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Snow Day

I have always loved snow days.  When my children were small, I would be as anxious as they were listening to see if school was canceled.  There was nothing more fun than being home, playing in the snow, baking, making snow ice cream, generally just enjoying the “time out of time” that the weather provided.

Today, this is what it looked like outside my home after I returned home about 12:45.

ImageNow the snow has stopped, but they have promised that the “big snow storm” was still on its way.

I am grateful that I am part of the “non-essential” services.  Tomorrow West Heights UMC will be closed, the schools are closed and I can just be at home with Andrew.  I will do some “work” because of course, Sunday is coming.  The study guide needs to be finished, pictures for the powerpoint and then on Sunday, my office assistant and I will go in to run, fold and finish the work that has to be done for Sunday.

However, I still experience days like these as moment of grace.  Life is so often unrelenting, the calendar drives almost every waking moment and I long for some time that is unclaimed.  I give thanks for those who keep things going: police, fire fighters, emergency personnel, doctors and nurses and all those who take care of those who need health, healing, help and hope.  I pray for those without shelter or food.

I take this time as a gift of grace and of sabbath.  I hope and pray that you can do the same.

I am graced to serve.

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