In honor of Epiphany

I love the feast of Epiphany!  Shared in the second chapter of Matthew, the story of the journeying magi who come seeking this child who the stars say is to be king of the Jews.  Once we get past the sentimental images of our children in bathrobes with gold paper crowns and “treasure chests” of plastic jewels the story Matthew tells is full of intrigue, questions and a visit that must have come as such a surprise to Mary and Joseph.

On this day we don’t read the “rest of the story” with what happens after the magi leave, a story of violence and horror that is too real in today’s world. Instead we look at these astrologers, these dreamers willing to travel to find this child of the stars and of their dreams.

In my house, the lights finally go dark after Christmas.  Oh I know, most people turned their Christmas lights out days ago.  I leave mine up so I can truly enjoy them following all the busyness of the Advent season.  Howard Thurman wrote these words that I ponder each Epiphany as I take down decorations and turn off the lights. shared this picture and these words on their site.  On this day when we celebrate the light of God shining for all to follow and to find, these words remind me of what is yet to be done




May the work of Christmas continue during the days of Epiphany.  I am graced to serve.


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