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It’s Holy Week…

It’s Holy Week.  For those in the Christian tradition, it is the week between the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), through the last days of his life on earth.  Included are Maundy Thursday(meaning commandment referring to Jesus commanding his followers to love one another) and to remember him in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, Good Friday, the arrest, betrayal, trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus and Holy Saturday the day of waiting.  For many, particularly preacher and church staff types, the week is overwhelming busy with so many extra services and the BIG celebration of Easter.

I have a couple of rituals.  One is to listen to Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell (both original cast recordings) almost non stop during the week.  The second is to watch the cheesy 1970’s film version of Jesus Christ Superstar after Good Friday services.  Call it silly, cheesy, tacky, whatever you want, it is not Holy Week without these rituals.  They are part of my preparation for Easter.

This year, I listened to a couple of Carrie Newcomer’s songs.  Both focused on the “ordinary”.  Today the song that caught my attention is her song “Geodes”.  A geode looks like this:

 Part of her song goes, “What appears unadorned, may be wondrously formed…. unpretentious browns and grays, a state of Indiana clay, they’re what’s left of shallow seas, glacial rock and mystery and inside there shines a secret bright as promise.”
In the couple of days before the onslaught of busyness and the great divine drama of salvation, I ponder this song on “Geodes”.  Perhaps, Jesus in those last few days really saw “miracles clothed in the common place” in the people he met, in the friends he loved and in those ordinary everyday things we usually take for granted.  In a way all of us are what is left of shallow seas, glacial rock and mystery and  certainly the one we call Jesus was.  This unpretentious man, shone and when his light went out, he was buried behind a rock of brown and gray.  And the mystery of Easter lies in  that secret bright as promise.
The dark tomb of Good Friday is broken open on Easter and shines forth a secret, a miracle, a gift that outshines any geode’s crystal.  And yet, what is more Easter like than a rock burst open to shine forth beauty and light.  Easter is the promise that good will overcome evil, love will overcome hate and life will overcome death.  With that promise and with that faith as I journey through this Holy Week I am,
Graced to Serve.

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