Return to blogging

I have changed blog sites!  When Google made changes this summer, it would not let me into my old blog   There were all kinds of steps to walk through, and I grew more and more frustrated.  The blog was tied to a church e-mail, not mine and I just quit trying.  I promised myself I would get back to blogging, but of course, other things got in the way.

So having checked out the “statistics” of my friend who blogs through Word Press  I decided it was time to start again.

Since my last blog, life has been shall we say interesting.  A friend and the executive director of Inter-faith Ministries died unexpectedly.  I chaired the search committee to find a replacement.  It was difficult important work that I took to heart.  It reminded me that while each one of us is unique and unrepeatable, all of us will find a time when someone else must continue the ministry.

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He has had surgery and without further treatment has been declared cancer free.  I am deeply grateful.  Life is fragile, a gift and deeply connected to God.

I am glad to be back to pondering, writing and sharing some reflections in a new space.  As always, I am deeply

Graced to Serve



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